EMG Products

EMG, NCS, EP testing

From highly portable devices to the most advanced diagnostic instruments, Optima has the answer. We supply all the leading EMG systems including the Nicolet EDX, Viking and Synergy, the Dantec Keypoint and Xltek systems.

Nicolet EDX

Next generation hardware continues a dynamic history of high-quality performance

Next-generation hardware continues a dynamic history of high-quality performance. Introducing the Nicolet EDX Electrodiagnostic System. NEW Viking and Synergy On Nicolet now available in the U.S.


An efficient and reliable portable EMG solution

For years, the VikingQuest, a reliable and efficient system, has proven to be the most widely used and trusted system in the field of electromyography. Simple to operate, it provides functionality and connectivity to existing systems and is a perfect extension to...

Synergy NCS EMG EP IOM System

Superior functionality

Nicolet offers the Synergy EMG system for use in the field of neurodiagnostics and monitoring. The superior functionality of the system can save time and optimize patient outcomes with Synergy’s proven software. Synergy uses advanced...

Viking NCS EMG EP IOM System

Optimize your work flow

The Viking™ and Synergy systems are one of the most widely used electrodiagnostic systems used globally in teaching institutions, hospitals, and doctors’ offices. The functionality of the Viking and Synergy systems help optimize your work flow and saves you time...

Dantec™ KEYPOINT® Focus

Portable EMG/NCS/EP System

Cutting-edge technology, crystal-clear signal quality and over 50 years of Dantec Keypoint’s unsurpassed amplifier design experience – all in a machine that fits in a single laptop bag

Dantec KEYPOINT G4 Workstation

Desktop EMG/NCS/EP System

The next evolution of EMG systems. The Dantec Keypoint G4 both continues an unrivalled heritage and paves the way for faster, more flexible and more advanced clinical and research work

Xltek Neuromax EMG

Focus on patient care, not your EMG device

Since its introduction in 1995 the NeuroMax has been setting the standards durability and reliability in an all-in-one system. It was designed with a light-weight, “ruggedized” chassis without any electromechanical moving parts to provide a durable

Xltek Xcalibur EMG

Combines accurate data acquisition and ease of operation

The XCalibur EMG system combines accurate data acquisition and ease of operation with the capability to quickly and efficiently generate reports. When it comes to reliability, flexibility and trusted performance, there’s only one...