Xltek LTM

Combine performance and reliability

With over 40 LTM systems already installed in the UK and Ireland,  XLTEK has fast become the monitoring video EEG  system of choice. Our advanced networking capability allows all the signals (video, EEG, audio, camera controls and nurse alarms) to be carried through standard hospital network cables. Additionally the LTM software allows monitoring of patient signals from anywhere on the network or even from another hospital or home.  Choices of headboxes include a 40 channel system with wireless capability and a 128 channel system capable of direct cortical stimulation.

Range of headboxes

From 32 to 128 channels (includes 40 channel wireless headbox with built in pulse oxymeter).

Networking connectivity

Live monitoring from anywhere on the hospital network.  Remote internet review from home using CITRIX (option).


Automatic system restart function means in the event of any problem, eg. prolonged loss of power or the network going down, the system will automatically re-start itself and carry on recording the patient video and EEG.

Cortical Stimulation

Our 128 channel system allows direct cortical stimulation through the EEG amplifier. Outputs are selected by software controls. No more plugging and unplugging of electrodes. Best of all, you are always able to record EEG data during stimulation.

Nurse Monitoring Station

With alarms and remote camera control.

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Xltek LTM